marine-plywood_5.jpg Aseanply - Marine Plywood
BWR GRADE aseanply


Increadible Features

Marine Plywood is an exterior grade Plywood having the potential to bear alternate wetting and drying, when exposed to severe exterior conditions. It is bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin adhesive, which makes it long lasting even in water - prone areas. It is BWP Grade Plywood.

Impeccable Utility

Marine Plywood is best suited for manufacture of marine crafts, boats, riverine equipments, tanks of liquid chemicals and all other extreme temperature applications.
Sl. No. Test Prescribed in IS:710-1976 Minimum Value for Conformity Observed Value
1 Moisture Content Test

Not less than 5%

Not more than 15%


2 Glue Shear Strength (In dry state)

Min. Ind 1100 N

Avg. 1350 N

1350 N

1550 N

3 Adhession of Piles

Minimum pass standard


4 Glue Shear Strength (after 72 hours boiling)

Min 800 N

Avg. 1000 N

1150 N

1250 N

5 Tensile Strength
   Along the grain
   Across the grain
   Sum of Tensile Strength
4200 N/
2500 N/
8450 N/
5500 N/
3900 N/
6 Static Bending Strength Modules of Rupture
   i) Along the grain
   ii)Across the grain
   Modules of Elasticity
   i)Along the grain
   ii)Across the grain
49 N/
29 N/
8000 N/
4000 N/
65 N/
40 N/
8305 N/
4170 N/















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